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VIDEO: SaveTheWest.com sent a “Non-Living American” to the Univ. of Virginia to stand up for dead voters



In case you missed it, SaveTheWest.com recently launched our debut “social justice” campaign, “The Coalition for Non-Living Americans,” to stand up for the right of dead Americans to continue participating in our elections.  Learn more at:

The Coalition for Non-Living Americans

Our campaign is based on a database of dozens and dozens of incidents of dead people being registered to vote across America, and “social justice warriors” casting ballots in their names:

Research file: Harassment of social justice activists who are registering Non-Living Americans to vote

As we discovered, this may be just the tip of the iceberg in terms of well-funded groups who are paying to ensure dead peoples’ voting rights are preserved, and exercised.

To help generate support for our campaign, on Sunday, November 6, 2016 we sent our representative Non-Living American, “Emmett Croaker,” to the University of Virginia, to hand out literature and explain why we must support dead voters.  For as Emmett says, “Power to the dead people!!!”

This short video consists of an interview with Emmett, and his interaction with students at UVa.





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