Hitler-whitewashing HuffPost smears Betsy DeVos with false Hitler endorsement [UPDATED]

HuffPost launched a vicious attack on Betsy DeVos, nominee for Secretary of Education, falsely implying that she admires Adolf Hitler. Ironic, being that HuffPost has whitewashed and humanized Hitler, while ignoring or dehumanizing Jews who were murdered by anti-Semitic terrorists.

Ken’s Thought of the Week: The sad state of public affairs TV shows

This week, Ken examines the sad state of America's Sunday morning public affairs TV shows and their focus on gossip and sensationalism, rather than substantive issues facing the American people.

Ken’s Thoughts Of The Week: Fireworks Coming At The UN

This week, SaveTheWest.com founder and president Ken Abramowitz explains why America must press the United Nations to take significant punitive actions against Iran, the world's #1 state sponsor of terrorism, and employ other means to stop the threat it poses - and promises - against the U.S. and our ally, Israel.

Op-Ed: How should America and Israel deal with Qatar?

Qatar acts as a mediator between Israel and Hamas, but at the same time, provides massive financial support for Hamas. How should Israel and the U.S. deal with Qatar?

Progressives are Regressive: Ken’s Thought of the Week

Progressives claim to represent the forces of change, but in reality they are the forces of regression, taking us back to the days of socialism and the end of a free America.

Time to Restructure the U.S. Education System: Ken’s Thought of the Week

The education of American children has been appropriated by purveyors of political correctness, racial and gender diversity, and social justice. Would a Student’s Bill of Rights help get American education back on track?

Ken’s Thought of the Week: The U.S. “Peace to Prosperity Plan” is premature

This week, Ken dissects the Trump administration's "Peace to Prosperity Plan" for the Middle East, why it will be derailed by the region's enemies of peace, and what will be required to forge a lasting peace.

VIDEO: SaveTheWest.com sent a “Non-Living American” to the Univ. of Virginia to stand up...

Meet "Emmett Croaker," SaveTheWest.com's representative Non-Living American. Emmett recently visited the University of Virginia to hand out literature about our new "social justice" campaign, "The Coalition for Non-Living Americans," to stand up for the right of dead voters.

The difficulty of perception, language and understanding

A detailed assessment of the corrupt optics and values through which today's "journalists" are viewing, and reporting on, Israel's defensive actions against Hamas's relentless terrorism.





Soros Is No Dreyfus

Captain Alfred Dreyfus was a Jewish officer in the French military who was falsely convicted of treason, amid the anti-Semitic hatred of the late 19th century. George Soros's apologists are claiming that his situation is similar. As Dr. Rachel Erhenefeld documents, it is not.


Who can lead Israel better: Likud, or Blue and White?

New STW contributor Rachel Avraham analyzes tomorrow's Israeli election, the candidates, and why she supports re-electing Benjamin Netanyahu.

STW founder: Israel is eastern border of Western civilization

According to STW founder Ken Abramowitz. “Israel isn't just protecting the Jews; actually it’s protecting the Muslims and Christians in Israel, but it’s also protecting everyone in Europe and everyone in America.”